My inspiration for this brief came from the photographer Dan Rubin, creative director of The Photographic Journal.

Rubin has created an Instagram account for a Barbie doll which he has named socalitybarbie. With over 1.3 million followers, the premise of the account is that Barbie herself is the one taking the photos and sharing them.

“It’s easy to say these clichés are a negative thing…but Instagram has opened up a new world of creative discovery for people who previously didn’t have access to it. For me, it gives people access to see, create and mimic. Ten years from now, we’ll have different patterns.” Dan Rubin (1)

For my own project I have appropriated the concept of this account and created touristken. My account is a parody of typical male hipster blogs on Instagram. I have attempted to portray a sense of vanity in Ken in the way that I try and post as many photos as I can, just as a typical owner of this type of account would.

To take the photos I have used both my DSLR and my phone camera. All photos on the account have been taken at various tourist locations around Lincoln.

The account can be found here:

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